• Join Sacramento’s first ever Latino Hip Hop dance experience with the one and only, Ana Maria Perales. Turn up the heat, as you learn spicy new steps and burn calories, in this smoking hot, hip hop class to all your favorite tropical and caribbean artist’s...

  • Train with the best, to be the best!  Professional dance choreographer and mentor, Cameron Lee will be offering an intimate masterclass experience.  Receive feedback, challenge musicality and choreography pick up in this intermediate advanced Jazz Funk Masterclass. May 21st 7:30pm-9pm   

  • Unlock your Style, in this exclusive workshop, with Sacramento leading freestyle coach, Koncept.  Workshop will be followed by a dance session to put into practice concepts reviewed in workshop.  Don’t miss your chance to vibe with other dancers, soak up inspiration and unlock your potential!

  • Class is in session with Los Angeles dancer, choreographer, Alex Almaraz. Learn the culture, footwork and history of House with ‘Professor Swift’ on Monday Nights.  Step up your footwork game, learn musicality and freestyle concepts to incorporate into your unique style.   

  • Vibe with @kaaysodelicious It’s a vibe in Beginner Hip Hop with up and coming, fresh face, dancer and hip hop choreographer, Kalissa .  Her intricate musicality and chill grooves, make for a perfect combo.